De ce sa vizitezi Iordania cu Green Adventure?

Jordan is a destination that must be discovered without the rush of a “track trip”. In a tour guide you will find information that encourages you to visit a lot of “tourist” places in Jordan. In the beginning, so did we … and after visiting everything we were encouraged by the tourist marketing to visit, we realized that our experience was only a “quantitative” and crowded.

The philosophy of the Green Adventure external holidays is simple: live, enjoy, integrate, befriend the locals and understand the “thrill” of the place visited. And in keeping with these simple “rules”, I thought of the holiday program in Jordan in the style of Green Adventure!

After the experience with the 6 programs carried out in the 2019 season, we realized that the piece of resistance of the program in Jordan, is the unique and authentic experience of the Bedouin life offered by the 3 days spent in the Wadi Rum desert. Green Adventure offers a truly unique experience in this place, being the only Romanian company to show you what an authentic desert experience means. More details about the Wadi Rum experience can be found below in the program description.

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Ziua 1 _ Bucuresti - Amman

At 14:50 we depart from Otopeni airport to Jordan. At 5:40 pm we will land in Amman and after landing we will carry out the formalities for renting cars that will help us discover this country full of history and landscapes that give birth to many interjections like “waouh !!!”.

After taking the cars, we went to Amman and checked in the hotel rooms booked in advance by Green Adventure.

Tonight we will enjoy the nightlife of this city. Amman is a truly cosmopolitan city, full of restaurants, bars and places that invite you to relax and shop.

Amman, formerly known as “Philadelphia”, was built just like Rome on seven hills. With a population of over 4 million inhabitants, it is by far the largest city in this area.

Let’s say we already know where to serve dinner and dessert? For dinner we propose a restaurant specialized in serving menus based on humus, foule mudammas (a specialty with beans), falafel, tahini salad … all wrapped in a pita of great exception! And for dessert we will take you to Habibah to serve a famous local cake – knafeh. That is a delicious catapult pie and goat cheese.

Ziua 2 _ Vizitam Marea Moarta

In the morning we say goodbye to Amman and start at the lowest place on Earth: altitude of minus 430 meters!

I mean, we’re heading to the Dead Sea! Once you get here, we go to the beach and enjoy a dip in the salt water of the lowest place on Earth. We guarantee that below this you will never be able to reach it :). We will spend a few hours at the beach, anointed from head to toe with the famous mud from the Dead Sea, we will take a bath or better said we will float in the salt water of this sea and we will enjoy a true SPA experience. offered free by Mama Natura.

After this experience we got into our cars and left further. Our final destination for this day is Wadi Rum (Valley of the Moon). We park the cars in a fixed location at the end of “civilization” and we are embarked in 4 × 4 cars that will lead us to the adventure!

This night we will sleep in the desert in a tourist camp with authentic Bedouin camp spirit. Dinner will be served in this campsite and is included in the price of this program.

Ziua 3 _ Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum – it is said that those who visit and spend several days in the desert have no way to return from here unchanged! It is also said that if you come to reconcile with his immense desolation, you will actually reconcile with yourself and your thoughts. Here everything becomes “flat” and quiet. And it is also said that once you have visited the desert, your calling has been felt all your life. And we can confirm this: after our first visit to the desert, we felt the “microbe” enter us; we dream of the day when we will feel his energy again, the peace, the silence and the color!

Wadi Rum is a unique place with landscapes like Mars. This special place has provided the Hollywood film industry the perfect setting for a lot of famous movies: Red Planet, Transformers – Revenge of the Fallen, Prometheus, The Martian … and Lawrence of Arabia! In fact, this is our goal – to offer you a unique desert experience in an authentic nomadic Bedouin lifestyle!

We want to offer you a peaceful experience, an authentic desert experience, without a hurry and without the idea of ​​a track record. Wadi Rum is not the place to spend just a few hours. Sunsets and sunrises here are truly unique and you must definitely experience more of this kind! And in addition we set out to take you from the tourist routes, routes full of field cars that transport hundreds of tourists in search of commercial experiences. We tell you: there is a great crowd on these routes and you can not really assimilate the spirit of the desert.

So we propose a trekking program in Wadi Rum! And the program sounds like this:

In the morning at first we will enjoy our first sunrise in the desert. You must definitely experience something like this!

After sunrise we serve the breakfast offered at the price of this program, we embark in the field cars offered by our Bedouin partners and we leave in the heart of the desert far from the agglomeration of classical tourism.

We arrive with the field cars in the “heart” of the wild desert and from here we “sink” on this sea of ​​sand and rock. The cars say goodbye and we stay alone with authentic Bedouins!

The adventure begins!

We thought of this route as a complete dessert experience: mountain – rock / sand – flat … Today we will walk on a mountain path that will give us the image of the desert seen from above with unique landscapes offered by the red sand dunes.

We will serve lunch in the form of a picnic in the package and dinner will be prepared on a wood fire with fresh ingredients, cooked by a Bedouin cook. In the evening we settle in camps made ad hoc under the open sky, lit by a small fire. On the fire there will always be a kettle where the famous “Bedouin whiskey” will be boiled, meaning the delicious black tea mixed with desert herbs.

Tonight we promise you the experience of a wonderful sunset!

Ziua 4 _ Dormim in Desert

After a sunrise, a sunset and a night spent in the desert under billions of stars, this morning you will be full of energy and enthusiasm, get ready for a new day of adventure in the desert!

We serve breakfast and continue our Bedouin desert experience. Today, just like yesterday, we go with our Bedouin guides. If the day before we enjoyed the image of the desert seen from above, today we will change perspective, going through the red sand dunes of the Wadi Rum desert.

Also today we will have with us two camels and you will be able to discover the borderlessness of the desert in the style of the Arab riders: from the camels!

We will serve lunch in the form of a picnic at the pack and dinner will be prepared again under fire under the open sky by our Bedouin master chef.

Again the camp will be under the open sky, once again experiencing the mysticism of Arabian nights illuminated by the moon and stars.

Ziua 5 _ Castel sau Plaja?

We will definitely want a new sunrise! As I told you earlier, Wadi Rum is an experience that must be dissected in several sunsets and sunrises.

After breakfast served in the desert, we meet with field cars that will board us and take us to the border parking lot with “civilization”. The adventure and experience of Wadi Rum has ended. In total we will spend in this place 3 nights, of which 2 are under the open sky, we will have 3 sunsets and 3 sunrise. That means a truly authentic desert experience!

Once we got to our cars we said goodbye to our Bedouin friends and left. Today in our route we will intersect with Shobak Castle or the beaches of the Red Sea in Aqaba (by common agreement we will choose the desired destination).

After visiting Shobak Castle (or going to Aqaba for a bath in the Red Sea) we move on to our final destination on this day – Petra, wonder of the world!

Once in Petra we will stay at a private house where we will find some very good accommodation conditions.

Tonight in Petra the program “Petra by night” is also being implemented. That is a unique experience in which you visit the route to the Treasury at night in the light of the hundreds of candles on the path that introduces you to a mystical world full of history. And because we lived “live” this experience we invite you to enjoy this unique experience.

Ziua 6 _ Petra

Today is going to be a long and truly special day. Today we visit the ancient city of Petra, a real maze dug in beautiful canyons.

Great attention – and visiting Petra has secrets! It is very important how you approach this route and we know its “secret”. So we still offer you an ingredient that offers a special flavor if you choose us as organizers and producers of this program!

Let us also tell you that we also know the paths that lead to that famous place where passionate travel photographers immortalize that famous image where you are above and below you opens the image of the Petra Treasury? Yes, we know the way to take you there and take that photo that will make you famous on Facebook and Instagram :).

Today we will spend a lot of time in Petra and in the evening, quite tired we will serve a delicious dinner at a famous restaurant in Wadi Musa.

Ziua 7 _ Jerash

Wadi Rum seen and understood. Petra seen night and day. So it’s time to move on!

We say goodbye to Petra and leave for Jerash.

We visit this “A Rome away from Rome” and we enjoy a unique experience in this ancient city over which a modern city has settled!

After we assimilated the correct dose of Jerash (without a hurry!) We got in the cars and left for Amman. And so the circle closes but we haven’t finished our experience in Jordan yet!

We stayed and enjoyed another night and one night in this special city!

Ziua 8 _ Amman

A day dedicated to museums, shopping and special places in Amman.

Before boarding the plane we go and hand over the cars and then we are driven to the airport. The adventure in Jordan ends! But no regrets, it was something really special!


Each Green Adventure guide is trained outside the country and has international patents such as World Rafting Federation, International Rafting Federation, Rescue 3 and British Canoe Union. In conclusion you are 100% safe and you have the certainty that you will be and have fun :).




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Stiati ca desertul Wadi Rum (Valea Lunii) a fost strabatut de Lawrence al Arabiei alaturi de beduinii care il insoteau intr-o campanie militara si ca in complexul istoric Petra s-au filmat scene din seria de filme Indiana Jones?
Chiar daca nu stiati aceste lucruri, Green Adventure va da posibilitatea sa va bucurati de o experienta unica in Iordania!


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